monerelluvia's corner

Hello and welcome to my site!

You may or may not know me on the Internet under the nickname of monerelluvia, or formerly, as gonedreamer on deviantART. This site has been a small project of mine in the recent times, made in order to design a creative space mostly of my own, irrespective of the popular artsites. It is still rather a construction site, but an organized one at that. Although I am not much of a blogger these days, I will keep you updated on the newest changes and maybe some notable events in my life. I hope your time here will not be a waste and that you will enjoy the content I make.

  • Commissions

    Definitely! They are usually open at all times, but depending on my schedule each commission will take different amount of time to complete. Either way, go to my pricelist to learn more!

  • Requests

    I am sorry, but I simply do not have enough time and energy to complete requests. That is, unless it is on-stream. Catch me on to request something!