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Iri'thiel Nimeanera

General information
Fey wanderer Ranger
Chaotic good
25 September (originally)

Her story takes place on a continent once ruled by four races (elves, dwarves, nagas, [xxxxxx]) in the ancient times. The world struggled in the war with the dragons, who brought all the other races as their armies to the continent. The conflict forced the four ruling peoples to live underground, leaving whole systems of tunnels and cities below the surface.

At some point, a group of mages of unknown alligence and unknown intent performed a ritual that destabilized magic in the whole world. This weakened and killed the majority of dragons, took away elves’ immortality and forced them to stay underground, caused the nagas to disappear, and completely erased the [xxxxxx] people. Since then, no one has seen an intelligent dragon in at least a thousand years, numerous other races inhabited the continent, while elves became divided into subterrain drows and surface kingdoms.

Elves and humans eventually began rediscovering magic and “standardized” the division into specific schools. Although each culture had their own depictions and names for the Gods, the pantheon was somewhat classified.

Currently, there is a number of countries and kingdoms throughout the continent, ranging from racially diversified regions, to those solely human, or elven, or else.

////. // nothing is certain./// //. ////
Name: Iri’thiel Nimeanera
Origins: ??
Occupation: ??
Cause of death: Died for the Black Legion Arrested (?) by the Black Legion for crimes (specification unknown) and sentenced to death by war effort on the front. Sent to deal with an uprising in one of the border villages, died during a fight with golems belonging to a powerful necromancer.
Political affiliations: The Black Legion
Known individual affiliations: Aknide, Fernir

Woke up on a surgical table in a ruined mess hall with a dark crystal jammed deep into her chest. She knew nothing but her name at the time, and that the two other bodies next to her belonged to her friends.
Iri’thiel, Fernir, and Aknide were a successful (?) experiment of a necromancer mage called Angus. Under the banner of the Black Legion, they died in a battle against his golems. Incredibly disinterested to impart any knowledge on himself, his goals, or the world they woke up to, he sent them on a mission to retrieve something from his past apprentice – a demon calling herself Angelica. With no other choice but to leave and a threat of being brought back into the ground if they strayed from their objective, they made their way into the ruined town and out into the woods.

The nature of their curse (or blessing) is not yet fully known. The magic within them allows them to come back to life, but how strong and how lasting that is, is uncertain. “Blood of a demon in their veins” proved to be accurate enough, though. After finding Angelica Raven, they discovered the crystals originally belonged to her, leaving only scars on her chest in their absence. Angus had used her power for his own experimentation. The party decided to align with Raven and a couple of Black Legion survivors, for the time being, to defend against their common enemy and figure out a way to stand up to him.

During their quest of finding the disguised demon, they stumbled upon a tortured drow woman deep within a cave system. After rescuing her from a minotaur, some bad first impressions, and language barriers, they learned her name was Llelyth Frearn, and she was on a pilgrimage to become a priestess of the Goddess, the Dark Mother, but was captured. With no certain direction to follow and a newfound safety of a group, she decided to follow.

After the first night in Raven’s Magnificent Mansion, they learned she was specifically a succubus, unable to return to her home plane because of the damage done to her by Angus. She found and took care of the surviving soldiers of the Legion, granting herself safety (and possibly a temporary source of power). It is uncertain how aware they are of her true form.

The following morning, they met with the illusory form of Angus, who learned of their alliance and sent a swarm of undead to prove his abilities and reach. They all survived the encounter, though now even more aware of the dangers of their forced existence.

The party then parted ways for a while, so as to allow Llelyth complete her mission. They decided to go with her to protect her if need be and ended up wandering the halls of an ancient temple, all somewhat undergoing the trial. After completing the tests of the Soul (defeated by body), Body (defeated by blade), Stone (defeated by soul), and Steel (defeated by stone), they arrived at a chamber of fate. Reflections showed them their fated end, where their drow companion was meant to die at an altar. As for themselves, they saw a fate that had already been fulfilled – their original deaths. In the final chamber they met with the illusory form of her sister, learning that the trial was a lie. Llelyth was sent to her death so as to eliminate her from the game of succession (?), but the trial did not foresee the three individuals. They fought off her skeletal construct and faced the final sacrifice. Iri’thiel gave her blood on the altar awaiting her second death so that they could all escape and that her friend would survive. At the edge of consciousness, it proved to be enough, and they were let out by a drider. Llelyth chose to stay with them.

After returning to the ruined town, they discovered hidden tunnels that used to connect underground kingdoms in the past. There was an ancient, elven cemetery just below the town that emanated strong, necromantic energy that could have been a reason as to why Angus chose to settle there in the first place. With Llelyth’s help, they managed to dispel the source of energy and leave almost unscathed.


Iri’thiel does not recall much from her past life. She does not know her origin, nor her family, or purpose. It is clear she is a mixture of different elven blood, something that became clear after they had gone into the Underdark and the fact (?) that she previously belonged to the surface folk. There were things she recognized about the Drow culture on their way, but not enough to figure out her place in it by herself, if there was any chance for that in the first place. A symbol on her neck, that of Eilistraee, would speak against it, though she did not yet do anything towards understanding its significance.

Fighting skills and a steady hand came to her naturally. After what seemed like years of practice in her past life, muscle memory awakened in her almost immediately after handling a weapon. She favours keeping enemies at an arrow’s distance or slashing with daggers if they came too close. By sheer luck, she managed to retrieve her vampiric dagger from the battlefield.

There is a lot she has yet to learn and recall, but in the course of the passing days Iri’thiel found herself reconnecting with magic. From the natural, drow ability to produce light, through her instincts of a hunter, to other abilities she has yet to understand.

On her friends
Her loyalty and friendship towards her two companions are rooted deeper than she could explain, though a lot of things feel new and odd to experience. They must have known each other for a long time before, or so it seems, but in this reality, she is still learning the hows and whys of companionship, though it is necessary for them to stay together, anyway. She considers Fernir their source of strength, warmth, and protection, while Aknide is the excitement, the fun, and the cunning.

On Aknide
During the Body trial in the temple to the Dark Mother, Iri’thiel summoned a copy of her almost-exact self that became the challenge of the trial. The body was to be defeated by steel. Unlike her two companions, she hasn’t yet had the chance to die again, and the idea of killing herself (even if only a fake copy of the flesh) in front of herself proved even more terrifying. Aknide did that for her, slitting the body’s throat, with very little care and with a sense of satisfaction, even. That left her, for the first time, deeply perturbed and even scared of her friend. On the other hand, her cowardice then let her make the decision of sacrifice in the final chamber easier.

On Llelyth
She was afraid of Llelyth at first, or more accurately, of a pureblood drow. She felt like she should’ve known more about them, but she didn’t, and it scared her, especially since the girl looked important. However, the more they talked and tried to communicate better in their languages, the more fascinated and attached she grew. After their first meeting and her initial thoughts to tie her up or leave her behind, Iri’thiel felt somewhat responsible to keep her safe instead, so as to make amends. She sees her as a source of knowledge no one else could provide and feels sorry for her recent experiences. She also considers her very beautiful, but will (probably) not admit it out loud.

On Raven/Angelica
It’s hard to trust a demon, but it’s better having common enemies than going against her. She’s definitely interested to know more.