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Reina Davis

General information
Russian blue cat, mixed a little with a different longhaired breed
Female, she/her
20th March

A furry world that is very similar to our own, but, you know, animal people. This setting encompasses most of my anthropomorphic characters, unless stated otherwise.

  • The world is very similar to our own as far as politics and geography goes.
  • Probably most of the characters exist in a somewhat distorted equivalent of the USA, however other countries do exist and have distinct cultures and histories.
  • Most of the countries would have the majority of their societies consisting of members of indigenous fauna for that region.
  • All anthropomorphic people exist alongside their feral counterparts and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • There exists, to an extent, a notion of racial purity, mainly among the upper class. However,  such notions are considered obsolete and in some cases even harmful by the majority of general society. It is not an analogue to racism, but more of an issue of class and status.
  • There might be some remnants of an old, traditional, hierarchical structure in some societies which is an analogue to a predatory pyramid found in nature where top predators would have higher status than herbivores, the prey. It is however very rarely recognized in a modern society.
  • Some form of magic and mysticism exist in this world, but it’s not a well-known and used aspect of it. Very few people know about it, even fewer know how to use it and modern technology and science outpaced everything magic could have achieved in day-to-day usage. Such examples of magical intervention is usually brushed off as supernatural events and they are widely disregarded, aside from certain communities of conspiracy theorists. 
  • Modern day in this setting is dated back a couple of years to the real date to avoid interactions with actual events unfolding in our world. Actual date is very rarely used, anyways. It is safe to assume it’s “three years ago Today”.

Reina is a short girl with a bush of short, blue hair. The light grey/light blue colour of her fur comes from her russian blue mother, while the longer hair on her tail and torso she inherited from her father, who was not a pure breed. Her eyes are of bright emerald colour, and her ears are esceptionally big. Her favourite clothing of choice is either loose but sport-y outfits, or boho/hippie, no in-between, unless she has to. 

She’s a person of many interests from various genres, though on a daily basis she’s mostly engrossed in popculture, movies, and fanfiction. Horror movies, especially the most grotesque ones, are her favourite to watch. Doom is probably her most revisited game.

Reina is currently a student, but she also attends modern dancing classes and works part-time at a club. She’s quite a happy-go-lucky type, most times with a positive attitude, likes to be busy. She’s also very stubborn and sometimes too straightforward.

For the majority of her childhood her family lived in the suburbs. It was not the prettiest of places, but aside from groups of troublemaker teens, there was not much happening. Her parents they lived on relatively good terms for a while, but their relationship worsened overtime and at the age of 7 her father left them. Reina never really learned of the true reasons behind their divorce, other than him being unfaithful and absent instead of actually living with them. In reality, her father was a detective working on an old case that quickly turned into a nightmare and brought danger upon him and his family. He left in order to protect them, and never contacted neither of them again in fear of drawing too many connections.

Reina at some point belonged to a group of friends, the free, wild kids who only brought trouble to the neighbourhood (pranking those they didn’t like, small theft, loud music, some vandalism), though they never actually faced any legal charges. She always came back muddy and bloody, driving her mother crazy (nowadays she brushes her hair and tail at least twice a day, really enjoying keeping her appearance neat). Their group fell apart one day, very quickly, and very abruptly. After going deep into the local forests as part of a game, they found an old, collapsed structure where someone had been hiding bodies. The grim realisation and eeriness of the experience shook all of them, and they decided to never go there and never speak of it again, ending up falling out completely. The case never resurfaced after that.

Years passed, she graduated highschool, then decided to move to a bigger city to lift some weigh off of her single mom and to try herself at university. During a night out she met Saamya, whose family owns a hotel chain and estate agency. They quickly became close friends and decided to move in together. They shared an apartment for over two years before Sam moved out, eventually leading to Reina meeting Amber as her new roommate.

Living with Amber was a vastly different experience, one she had to get used to, though also one she very much enjoyed. The girl showed her a club she was working at as security, and soon persuaded Reina to join her there as a dancer. One thing led to another and they eventually learned to love each other, now figuring out how to exist together in a long-lasting romantic relationship. Their story is in progress.


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