Basic info
Name: Amber Linwood
Sex: Female
Race: Lynx-Leopard hybrid
Age: 25
Birthday: July 17
Sexuality: Bisexual with slight preference towards females
Occupation: Night club security


NSFW version of the ref can be found here
(Obvious adult content warning)





Meta information

This character was created as a more general purpose version of Amber Drop. Basically at some point Amber became pretty well-developed but I got way too bored with the My Little Pony fandom to keep drawing her. Since my ability to properly draw humans at the time was pretty limited I decided to make her an anthropomorphic cat. A furry, if you will.

Some say that there’s suppose to be a deep philosophical background to be a furry, an animal soul or something, but I just like pretty pictures. If that alone makes me a furry… well, I don’t really care.



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