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My first post on this site, finally!
Thanks to the courtesy of my favourite man out there, we managed to make this site a reality. Its main intended purpose is to have a satisfactory portfolio of my own and a well-constructed commission pricelist, however I also want to make it a small database for my characters, for reference. If it happens to evolve into something more, well, that’s even better.

For those of you who have only found this, let me introduce myself a little bit. I’m Monika, a 24 y.o. hobbyist artist from Poland, who found herself in love with art ever since I could properly hold a pencil. I can’t say I feel very good, nor very experienced, since everything I learned was through observation, trial and error, and from other aspiring artists around me. However, inspiration always found its way to make me create something, no matter how flawed.

Motivation, for me, has always come from nature, music, fantasy, my own emotions, and the drive to express myself when words couldn’t describe what my mind has conjured. The progress may be slow, since I’m not as productive as I’d been few years back, but I think it’s there.

Currently I’m doing my last year at university, writing my MA thesis on psychological linguistics. I’d graduated Celtic Studies before that, and am still thinking of what to do next. Art is the always-available escape and means, though, so who knows if it won’t play a greater role one day.


Every once in a while, I think I might do features of other sites and/or artists who I think deserve more attention, or are a great inspiration to me in general.

First shout-out goes to the one and only Adalbertus, for helping me out and fueling my motivation (by not giving me any rest ever since I mentioned wanting a site, as one does!). Not only with this site, but on a daily-basis as well. Do check out his page, it’s filled with lots of awesome content, some of which we created together.

Anyway, that’s all for this post. There’s a lot for me to do here, still. I hope you find this place interesting and that it won’t be completely dead too soon! Hold on during these odd pandemic and fear-laden times, we’ll get through this somehow.

– MD
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