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Update #2


With this update, I’m bringing you a hefty amount of original character lore! At least it will be hefty, when I’m finished translating their stories (or putting them into words for the first time). For now only three character sheets are available for exploration, but more will come in time, and I will write an update if any new ones become “unlocked”.

I know they might not get any attention whatsoever, but I felt like I needed to officially include them somewhere. The creation process of fantasy stories, designs, worlds, and plotlines is an exciting adventure each time, though frustrating when you can’t get the plot concepts right. Nonetheless, I enjoy them very much and thus I wish to share them with the world.

I’d very much appreciate critique if you have any. Even if you don’t comment, I still hope getting to know these guys will be entertaining, anyway.

That’s all for now. Stay safe, keep a distance from people, wash your hands, and wear a mask. Let’s hope we can meet our families, or at least someone, for this year’s winter holidays. Until next time!

– MD
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