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Burning time

Hello everyone!
I hope you’re doing well in the beginnings of December. There’s already been some snow in my country, but I didn’t have an occassion yet to go outside before it’d melted away. I can’t wait to feel the frozen crunching beneath my shoes soon enough, though!

Even in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people are nonetheless awaiting Christmas. Gathering together for this occassion is so deeply rooted in my culture that nothing can really stand in its way. Because of that, though there are many other reasons, I’m concerned that people will travel to meet their families and/or friends, ignoring the necessary restrictions. By now, we have no way of telling exactly how bad it is in Poland, because there are no tests being made, only the number of deaths is still nowhere near falling nor acceptable.

I’m afraid. Yet despite knowing the risks, I still choose to go and see my family as well. Because of the nature of their jobs, my parents have already caught and recovered from the virus weeks ago. The rest of us have had no issues and no reason to believe we were infected. We’ve been careful, respecting the restrictions and wearing masks, limiting our human contact to the minimum. We’re all afraid, but the need to see each other after such a long break seems to be stronger than the reasonable, obvious choice not to go. If we continue to be careful, I really believe our Christmas will be safe, although it’s never a given.

Whether we end up meeting for the celebration or not, I wanted to finish a present for my grandparents early, in case it needed to be shipped to them instead. My grandma has very few hobbies nowadays, but one that has prevailed is collecting clocks. Their whole living room is filled with clocks of different shapes, sizes, and colours, collected throughout the years. A lot of them are presents, though none (as far as I remember!) are hand-made. That’s why I wanted to try my hand again at woodburning.

The design includes phases of the Moon and the Sun, as well as a tiny bird on top resembling a cuckoo, and a small shape of a bat at the bottom. The burning itself didn’t take as long as I expected, as compared to the planning and geometry of the whole thing. It was fun to make, let’s hope they like it!

I had some leftover wood chippings and a whole stack of smaller hexagons, which resulted in a few smaller crafts in the evening. The floral d20 dice on the right is the regular-sized one. The wooden tinies are 8x8mm, 4x4mm and 3x3mm. 🙂 More Christmas decorations might appear here later if I end up making something again.

Whatever you choose to do for the holidays (and whatever holidays you celebrate at the time), stay safe and let’s hope the world’s situation will get better soon enough.

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