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Fallout: Roads Untraveled story

Hello everyone! I’m incredibly excited to announce that me and my partner (Adalbertus) began posting our Fallout: Roads Untraveled story to the world! It’s an original character-driven fiction that follows two NCR recon team soldiers around the wasteland while they uncover its secrets. Everything is set in the world of Fallout ((c) Bethesda Softworks LLC), but the characters, the specific setting and the story are all made up by us.

Two recon team soldiers are sent into a yet undiscovered land to uncover its secrets and connect the NCR with local communities. However, they must first recognize the mysteries within themselves, as they are faced with numerous hardships of the good old wasteland filled with mutants, radiation, and the worst of all – people.

We’re not amazing writers, this is our first real fiction, but we’re trying our best to convey the characters we love the best we can. You’ve seen the two protagonists on this site from time to time if you’re a reader, so now you can jump in and learn about their story. Please read the notes/disclaimer as well, it’s not a story for the faint of heart! There are elements that are graphic, serious, violent in nature, though that is simple the world the characters live in. There is also a lot of bonding, warmth, and self-exploration, though that may take some time. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy and I’ll be keeping you posted here of the new chapters.

New chapters will appear every Monday, if we can manage that!


And here’s the cover art, enjoy!

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