monerelluvia's corner

A few words about the artist

I am Monika, a 24 years old hobbyist artist from Poland, who found herself in love with art ever since she could properly hold a pencil. I cannot say I feel very good, nor very experienced, since everything I learned was through observation, trial and error, and from other aspiring artists around me. However, inspiration always found its way to make me create something, no matter how flawed. Motivation, for me, has always come from nature, music, fantasy, my own emotions, and the drive to express myself when words could not describe what my mind has conjured. The progress may be slow, but I think it is there.
Currently I am doing my last year at university, writing my M.A. thesis on psychological linguistics. I had also graduated a Celtic Studies course. Currently I am still thinking of what will come next for me. Art is the always-available escape, though, so who knows if it will not play a greater role one day.


A mixture of personal and commission works gathered throughout the recent years. I predominantly create fantasy creatures and colourful, atmospheric scenes.


Most of these designs came into being as birthday presents for friends or as small, personal projects. 

Thank you for visiting! I will systematically update the galleries as I create new content, though this page will always contain only portfolio-useful works. If you wish to see more, navigate to the “Contact me” page for links to my social media. Hope to see you there!

- MD