Basic info
Name: Amber Linwood
Sex: Female
Race: Lynx-Leopard hybrid
Age: 25
Birthday: July 17
Sexuality: Bisexual with slight preference towards females
Occupation: Night club security


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Meta information

This character was created as a more general purpose version of Amber Drop. Basically at some point Amber became pretty well-developed but I got way too bored with the My Little Pony fandom to keep drawing her. Since my ability to properly draw humans at the time was pretty limited I decided to make her an anthropomorphic cat. A furry, if you will.

Some say that there’s suppose to be a deep philosophical background to be a furry, an animal soul or something, but I just like pretty pictures. If that alone makes me a furry… well, I don’t really care.



Amber is an illegitimate daughter born in a wealthy lynx family as a product of her mother’s infidelity. Her mother was a lynx and so was her husband, however her biological father was a leopard. Her father learned about that after she was born, as her long tail was a clear sign of mixed parenthood. Understandably he was not happy about that. Amber was rarely seen in his presence in the public and he never accepted her as his daughter. Her mother didn’t have too much of a parental instinct either, placing her under the care of nannies and tutors as she got back to her previous lifestyle as well as multiple lovers. Amber has a younger twin siblings, a sister and a brother, who got all of their father’s attention during their childhood. 

As soon as Amber was 11 years old she was sent out oversees to a very prestigious boarding school. She had very little doubt that both of her parents wanted to have her as far away from them as possible as both saw her as a mistake. While her life at the boarding school was hard at first due to the harsh discipline and constant bullying she had to endure at first as a mix breed and an outsider, she excelled academically and found a couple of friends, something she never had before. She grew up to be much taller and stronger physically and soon her bullies learned not to mess with her either.

Amber through ages
Amber through ages

She grew up to be a pretty if not a bit tomboyish young woman and in the later years of her education many of her fellow students attempted to court her. She wasn’t interested in any relationships with her classmates knowing that such things were forbidden by the school’s code of conduct. She also didn’t want to get involved with them, remembering how they treated her in the past. Instead she developed a crush on a female musician from one of the clubs she often secretly sneaked out to at night. This crush turned into an intensive but very short-lived relationship after she managed to gather enough courage to talk to the other woman. This experience gave her a confidence boost and initiated her sexual awakening. Soon after that she graduated and returned home only to meet her parents even more distant than before.

Being away from home for many years she only now started to learn about the corruption that laid at the base of her father’s business as well as her mother’s many affairs and machinations. Shortly after her return she was again sent out to continue her education in college. Unlike the previous time, she gladly accepted the chance to get away from her family and dived into the wild life of a student. Not sure what to do with her life and left without strict supervision for the first time her life became an uninterrupted stream of parties, boyfriends and girlfriends. This of course caused her to almost fail her first year’s classes and the thought of being expelled and coming back home motivated her to push through. The next year a tragedy struck when a girl she knew was kidnapped, found raped and dead. The police never found the culprit and the whole situation was quietly swept under the rug. Devastated and angry Amber decided to track the culprit herself and started her small investigation putting herself in danger to lure the rapist. While her efforts remained unsuccessful she managed to uncover a series of abuses of power on the college campus and a couple of other unlawful behaviors. Believing she discovered her true passion she promptly changed her major from law to forensic science in hopes to become a police investigator. She focused on studies as well as physical training and applied to join the Police Academy as soon as she graduated college.

Unfortunately for her plans her father learned about her them and worried that a police officer so close to his family might not be beneficial to his businesses. He used his influences to expel her from the academy with a record so bad that no law enforcement agency would ever want to hire her. Devastated and suspecting foul play from her family Amber decided to sever her connection to them entirely and drove across the country to live in another city. Her new goal was to establish her own detective agency. Unfortunately for her, the steady stream of allowance stopped once it became clear that she had no desire to return home and her lifestyle as a student never left her too much cash to spare. She quickly found a job as a security officer first in a dock, then in a bar and finally a full-time security job in a night club. However, none of those jobs allowed her to rent an apartment, so she had to live in her car or sleep in the bar during the time it was closed.

Thanks to her work in the nightclub she met Reina Davis. Amber helped her get a job as an exotic dancer and in turn, she offered her to live in her apartment. The two quickly became friends and later a romantic couple.

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