There is a first time for everything

There is a first time for everything

So this happened when Reina and Cade were left alone without Amber.

There are actually two first times here, one for the sexy times between the two without the main instigator, the other is for Reina's satisfied curiosity. What usually happened during the undetermined number of intercourses before this situation was that those two ended up in the same convenient place at the same convenient time and near the same conveniently horny half-lynx. This time they took matters into their own hands. I'm sure it wasn't their intention at the beginning... or maybe it was? who knows. 😀 Once thing lead to the other and Reina ended up satisfying one of her curiosities.

There's a longer and more detailed story about that in my head, but I suspect you care very little about that, just enjoy the picture 😀

Reina and half of Cade belong to monere-lluvia

Now that I think about it, I just drew two bisexual characters of the opposite genders engaging in a heterosexual intercourse during a pride month while I usually draw them (Well, Reina at least) doing lesbian sexy things only.

Well… ok, you might say it’s not 100% hetero since it is not a vaginal intercourse… and that just because they are having sex it doesn’t change the fact that they are bi… I just wanted to point out that little detail, because it made me internally facepalm.

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