Do you want to hit the shower with me?

Now it might look like I have a lot of free time on my hands, but here’s the thing: in my line of work I get a week of so called on-call duty every month or so. That means that for this week I need to be within 15 minutes of my laptop in case something blows up and I have to, you know, log in and fix it. This and yesterday’s patching session (which lasted for 17 hours) means I spent the hottest week of this year so far in my apartment glued to my computer.

Do you want to hit the shower with me?

Amber again, this time just before taking a shower for some reason.
And no, don't ask me why there's already running hot water and steam all over the place if she's just going there, I made it so because otherwise this picture would be 80% tiles
Slightly cleaner version

You can see a slightly less clean version here

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