Fallout: Roads untraveled

Two recon team soldiers are sent into a yet undiscovered land to uncover its secrets and connect the NCR with local communities. However, they must first recognize the mysteries within themselves, as they are faced with numerous hardships of the good old wasteland filled with mutants, radiation, and the worst of all - people.


This is a fan work. Authors do not claim ownership over the intellectual property of the Fallout franchise (owned by Bethesda Softworks), or anything other than the original characters introduced in this story.

The story we tell will at times be graphic, cruel, and is definitely adult in nature. It includes sexual themes, mental, physical, and sexual abuse, as well as alcohol and drug use, violence, suicide and death. Please be aware that the story does not glorify these subjects, but also, that certain elements are simply the nature of the post-apocalyptic setting and the world the characters live in.

We are not native English speakers, so please keep that in mind. Additionally, while we encounter elements of cultures depicted in the story, we never experienced any of it first hand, so please treat their depictions as pure works of fiction created solely for entertainment.


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