Fallout: Roads untraveled

This piece of fiction is written by two people mostly interested in telling a story and putting their characters out to live their own lives. We're not professionals in any of this, this is a hobby and an exercise in storytelling and world-building for our own fun.

We write this story together, we discuss ideas, brainstorm plot twists and cross-check the text. Ruth and Amber started out as our online role playing characters and evolved into what you can read on the proverbial pages of this fanfic. Their story was initially a series of disjointed scenes with very little in the overall plot department, but we got better at it.


Monerelluvia's corner

I'm a hobbyist artist who loves fantasy, post-apo, spending time in nature, uselessly daydreaming to music, and loving everything witchcraft and magic-related. Coming into my room you should not be surprised to find it adorned with a multitude of bones and feathers and pinecones, with the windowsill cluttered with plants.

My role here is to mostly make sure the text looks good, that the characters look alive, and to challenge them with the harsh reality of their world, keeping their sanity in checkā€¦ or taking it away.



I like storytelling, RPGs, post-apo, and naval history of the first half of the 20th century. The last part is not exactly related to writing this piece (I wasn't allowed to drop a battleship in the middle of the desert), but my love for RPGs definitely helped in designing the characters and the plot.

I write the willy stuff, technical stuff, references, and people being horny. I'm probably responsible for most of the references and pointing out and laughing at different tropes from the Fallout franchise.


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