Halloween post

Halloween is not really a thing where I came from, we celebrate All saints day that is on November first and it is much more serious matter. but I like Halloween as an event and it annoys me greatly that I don’t get to enjoy it due to it’s growing, but still pretty small popularity.

In any case here are two artworks done for these occasions, one is a collab with monere-lluvia, something we do each year for Halloween and the other is a render or a tombstone I made for the more traditional All Saints day crowd.

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Moonlight shadows

Just a little reminder that I used to do 3D long time ago 😀
I really need to look for a new/modern 3D rendering software, but I'm too lazy to learn new things <_<

Anyway, happy Halloween I guess, have a moonlight sasting stainglass shadows on a sarcophagus 😀

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