I suppose this is where I should write something about myself, this being my website and all.

So first, who am I then?

Well, I’m pretty sure an internet nobody is a good description. I do all sorts of stuff, I’m a nerd and a geek, I love science (I have a master’s degree in physics and an engineering degree in computer science), I work in corporate IT, I go to fantasy conventions, I play (and host) RPGs and board games, I play video games of course, I draw all sorts of stuff (NSFW stuff included, do be warned), I love the post-apo setting, I participate in a LARP based loosely on Fallout, I love to travel, I like medieval history, I own a collection of knives and swords… so as you can tell, this place is gonna be a mess of all of my hobbies mixed together.

And what is going to be posted on this site?

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I intend to post everything on this site. Mostly my drawings (generously referred to as “artworks”), but I will probably also contain some of my other creations, including, but not limited to written works and physical objects I “crafted”. I’m not too big on photography, I never bothered to buy a real camera or learn how to properly use one, so I’m probably going to restrict that to occasional pic from a trip or something. Oh yeah, there’s also gonna be a blog here.

Alright, what is this site?

I don’t expect too much of a traffic here, to be honest I’ll be surprised if anyone even finds this place. The main reason for making it, other than the actual process of setting it up of course, is to have my own backup independent of any ToS changes on any other platform I’m posting my works to. I used to use Tumblr as the main way of sharing my stuff, but seeing that they want to be kids-friendly no matter the cost, that is no longer viable. So this is a place I’ll be able to fall back on no matter what happens anywhere else on the internet (as long as my provider doesn’t shut down).

Why Morridath tho?

Than name goes way back to the high school times when along with my best friend we created our own RPG setting. It was a kind of a Vampire the Masquerade clone, but with 100% more elves, because he liked elves and wanted heavy-metal loving, bike-riding Legolas with a katana… did I mention that it was in high school? This project was since abandoned, although I do want to re-visit it once again and try to salvage some of its ideas for my own RPG-related purposes.
Anyway, my main character from that world was named Adalbertus Morridath. That was also the time when the internet became somewhat more easily accessible and mainstream, so I started to participate in various online forums and discussion groups and used that name, or just Adalbertus as my handle. It’s 15 years later and I’m still using it today, so the name Morridath for the website felt rather fitting. Especially since almost all you get after googling it is somehow related to myself.