Birthday Tirpitz part one

References not needed, but appreciated

So when it comes to birthday gifts, I either jump at them immediately or I’m too afraid I’ll break them. That was the case with a ship model I got for my birthday in 2020. Yes, right before the big bad virus. I got the German Battleship Tirpitz, the lonely queen of the north, the ship that somehow did even less than Yamato and still made the Royal Navy all hot and bothered. Historical trivia aside, it was a pretty big model and up until recently my only experience with anything like that was a small Gundam model I got from a friend who went to Japan for student exchange. So it was intimidating, especially since it was a birthday gift and I didn’t want to break it.

At first it looked intimidating
A couple of hours later it was ready

Well, the situation changed when at the most recent birthday party one friend who recently got into Warhammer figurines suggested putting the ship together. And so a couple of weeks later he and his girlfriend came by and we spent the weekend nerding out over the model while our girlfriends were painting tiny DnD and Warhammer figures. 

It’s not painted yet, there are plans to do it some time later, for now it stays on the display case I have for my knives and other silly things. 

To Do: paint the damn thing

I’ll definitely post an update on how the painting is going.

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