Decade of art thingy

Lots of things happened during this time
I started using a tablet to make digital drawings and paintings
My account went through a pony boom when I went from a couple of watchers to well over a 1000
I went from shitty hand drawings and primitive 3D to ponies, then to furry and now I’m trying to draw humans again. It was a wild ride and I’m sorry for all of your trauma when I suddenly change directions in what I’m drawing.
The previous decade was my most creative and most busy with issues in real life. At the beginning I was a physics student with no idea for the future, who was prone to get anxiety attacks in larger crowds and was usually glued to his computer screen 24/7. Now, I’m a service manager in a multinational corporation, who also leads a large faction in a big post-apo LARP, semi-regularly GMs RPG sessions, has a mortgage and owns a flat. And I still try to make at least one picture every month. :D

Here’s for another decade!

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