Pandemic update #1

Well I’ve been thinking about writing a pandemic journal of some sort in here for a while now, but I’ve been, as always, too lazy to do it. Not to mention the fact that I’m also pretty sure that nobody’s going to read it anyway. I’ll probably share it on other platforms just to get some reactions 😀

Anyway, here’s some of the “highlights” of the current viral situation the world finds itself in currently. And by highlights I mean shit that happened to me and some additional thought.

New graphics card, because I’m bored.

On the 12 of March I got back from a business trip to Finland. It was a day before my country closed its boarders and a day after special restrictions were introduced, so from the moment we landed I was logged and cataloged as a potential source of infections. As such I was “strongly encouraged” to stay home for 2 weeks. So I did. Fortunately my job allows me to work remotely and my family sent me some food. Unfortunately those two weeks were just a beginning of a very lonely (more than usually) existence. It’s been now three weeks of almost total physical isolation, but now mostly to avoid getting sick, rather to endanger others. Not that my life changed dramatically, I’ve been living alone for years now, but there has always been an option of going out with friends. Now we mostly just talk online, but even my introverted ass feels it’s not the same. And it isn’t looking like there’s any chance of situation changing for the better anytime soon.

Cookies made during the pandemic stay-at-home period.

On the slightly less depressing side I’m learning more about cooking and baking stuff and got myself a new graphics card. So it’s not all bad. Of course I already ate all the cookies and I’d have to go out to the store to buy more ingredients to make more, so there’s that.

And naturally you might think that my boredom means that I will either draw more or do some other creative stuff, but while I really would like to do it, I simply can’t get motivated enough. With all the stuff happening around, people getting sick, loosing their jobs or dying, governments around the world either struggling to do their work or using the situation to play their political games I kinda feel overwhelmed, worried and lost. And while I feel like that, sitting comfortably and relatively safe in my home with a secured remote job and a full fridge I can’t imagine what must go through the minds of all the people out there so much more vulnerable during those tough times.

I hate to end it on a depressing note like this, especially since we are, despite what the politicians tell us, at the very beginning of the shitshow, so here’s a bit morbid but still positive thought: we as a human race had been there many times before and of all the epidemics in the past this one looks scary because we are live through it, but it will be over eventually and we will get out of it wiser and stronger. In a couple of years we will look at what happened and we will know why it happened and how to prevent it in the future. This is a historical event, this is the thing that will force changes into our society. Hospitals will have to get more money after this, schools will have to adapt after this, work ethics will have to change after this. Voices of those who suffered most though it will have to be heard. All of those things will happen because they had always happened in the past.

Pleas stay safe and wash your hands!

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