Happy Halloween 2020

Another Halloween collab with monere-lluvia As always go check out her version of this picture.

Trick or treating with friends comic

In the world where witches, vampires and other supernatural (at least according to our standards) creatures exist hidden among humans, unusual friendships may occur. So what happens when a vampire, a mage and a shape-shifter go out trick or treating when actual monsters come out? I don't know, but those bags are pretty full, so I guess their hunt was successful.

Non-comic version here

In those hard times and uncertainty, when we’re more then likely stuck at home wondering what kind of disaster the nearest future might bring I hope this can brig you at least a moment of distraction from all the stuff 2020 is throwing at us.

I’ve been slowly working on a resurrection of the setting I first came up with a friend years ago. Now with more fleshed out characters and more sensible story, but it’s still a lot of work in progressing. And it doesn’t really help that I have like, 3 or 4 separate settings I want to work on and at the same time, get distracted with literary everything.

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