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Sharing is caring

Yet another picture of the horny trio having fun. This time Amber lets Cade play a bit more active and dominating role, or at least this is how it starts. I really can't tell what could happen next.

I don’t think I ever drew them together and I kinda know why, my back is killing me after two days of doing this. And I didn’t even bother with two out of three heads on this picture. Well, to be fair, it started with just Raina on her knees and then I decided to add Cade and then I got this empty space on the other side so I deiced to add Amber as well. And to make my self-hate even more apparent I added Amber’s belts on top of all that because why the hell not.

And before anyone asks (as if anyone would ask) no, there is no alternative version of this image, at least not yet. If this picture gets enough attention Cade might louse his boxers.

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