Obligatory Holiday wishes

We’re at the end of something that we can probably call a year of hell of this generation. The curse of living in interesting times never sounded as fitting, at least in my lifetime. Many of us have suffered during this year, financially, mentally and physically. And even now, at the very end of this year the global pandemic is at its peak with millions infected all around the world. World economy is at a brink of collapse and civil and political tensions in many places are reaching breaking points.It seems like we are nowhere near the end of this, but we can survive this. There is hope. Vaccines for the virus are now introduced in many counties and despite the enormous pressure doctors and nurses across the world are getting really good at fighting this threat. There is no doubt that this crisi revealed many, let’s be generous and call them inefficiencies in political and financial systems across the world and there is no way that things will get back to normal once this is over. Changes are needed and they will happen despite often violent opposition of those who like to pretend the world is not changing. 

So what about the wishes? Many of us elected to spend this christmas away from our loved ones to protect them, or protect ourselves. Many of us decided to travel and finally spend some time with our close ones after months of isolation. Als many of us live in places where travel restrictions made that decision for them. No matter what your choice was, I know wishing you happy christmas might be inappropriate. 

I want to wish you strength to survive and resolve to push on towards the future, because in many cases this is as close to “it can only be better from now” as we can get. Stay safe, stay healthy and don’t let go of the hope. 


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