The Raspberry Pi adventure begins

I have a lot of computers

I mean, counting only the ones I physically own, there’s my main stationary PC, my laptop and a headless Linux machine I used to use as a server for multiple things. I also have another laptop and another stationary PC for postapo-LARP-related purposes. And of course those are just mine computers, there’s a lot more in my home network as well as smart phones and a smart tv (also known as the view screen, because I am a nerd). And I also have a VPS which for example hosts this website. 

So in light of all that, I bought myself another one 😀 To be fair, it’s Raspberry Pi and I got it largely to replace the headless server thing since it takes less than 10% of the power to run and can actually do more than just host some network shares and a couple of test website projects. I won’t run a Minecraft server on it, but, well, I haven’t done that on the Linux machine in years anyway, so not too much of a loss there. I also plan to slowly build a smart home project around it and add monitoring capabilities once i get a hold of the thing. 

My progress so far was to install and configure it to be a network storage (just a small USB storage for now, but it can be easily expanded if there’s a need for that) and an internal website with ownCload instance (a useful private cloud storage solution) for easy access and a network monitoring tool mostly because I wanted to learn how to install and admin it. 

I’ll definitely add more to it over time. I have this idea for remote control of light and blinds… well… as soon as I actually get around to installing them because of the Covid situation I couldn’t get that done. My dream of a smart home (minus one of the huge corporations spying on you) is just one tiny step closer.

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