Ancient Warpcore

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This is the original render and yes, it is in the original size and quality
This is the original render and yes, it is in the original size and quality

So a little bit more of a background on this one, since this is a 100% nostalgic piece for me. I recently replaced my mom’s laptop’s hard drive to an SSD, and while I was doing it, I naturally backed up all of her files, which were years earlier backed up from her old PC and so on and so forth all the way to our family’s first PC (a good ol’ Pentium MMX). Among those files was my old “home folder” which I’m sure was at some point merged with files on my own line of PCs, but I started browsing it nevertheless (partially to make sure there’s no unsafe files from back of the dial-up modem Internet times) but instead I found a couple of really ancient and apparently archived-so-deep-I-forgot-about-them projects from when I was in high school, back when CPUs had only one core, run at hundreds of MHzs and RAM was in hundreds of MBs if you were lucky 😀

Properties of the original BMP file, it’s in Polish, but I guess you can figure out what to look for. Blurred the path, because reasons.

So I decided to re-render one of them. I’ve picked up this one since as far as I remember this was one of the first renders which took hours to complete and… well… it took 14 hours to render in this quality with all the nice blurs and optical effects. It’s not great by any standard, but that was never the point. I kept all of the original textures and only tweaked a couple of things to look nicer in the much larger resolution, but all in all, the scene was left almost exactly as I made it, according to the “last modified” timestamp, in January 2001.


I initially had a completely different idea for the mandatory March art (since I do my best to have the minimum one art per month uploaded), but with everything that’s happening currently in the world (and more precisely behind our eastern border), and my so called real life piling shit on top of other shit already on my head I just couldn’t find time, strength, patience or even inspiration to create anything new.

This picture is also uploaded to Deviantart.


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