Easter Update

Well it’s Easter and I’m told it’s kind of a big deal so have a post about my stuff 😀

I used to make pictures/pinups for Easter/spring, but I have to admit my creative juices are mostly focused on something else at the moment. I might post some of my fun with IT alter this month and there’s a least a couple of RPG blogs I want to write and post, but drawing is a bit of a chore lately. And by lately I mean pretty pretty much since 2018, looking back at my gallery.

but anyway, as far as updates are concerned, since I finally have at least a bit of free time, I decided to format and reinstall my main pc in hopes to fix a couple of really annoying issues I’ve been having, which most likely are related to a metric crap ton of conflicting settings, drivers and a bunch of Windows updates piled up dangerously high. If that doesn’t help…. well… I was told the new AMD processor lineup is pretty good, so it might be time for an upgrade?

What does that have to do with Easter? Absolutely nothing. Why do I post about it? Because I can. Happy Easter or have a nice Sunday, go eat some eggs and stuff, I have things to reinstall 😛

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