Girl has to earn caps somehow

Girl has to earn caps somehow

Young(er) Amber from our Fallout fanfiction (wtill working on it, will publish eventually) used to be a rather rebellious soul and she used to run away from her family's farm to a settlement nearby where she got into all sorts of trouble. and to solve those trouble she needed caps. And there are many ways a pretty girl can earn caps in the wasteland, not all of them involve fighting or hard work.

I made this picture a week ago just before leaving on a business trip. I didn’t post it because I was hoping I could figure out how to improve it slightly since I’m not entirely happy about how it turned out (and yes, there were plans for more-unsafe-for-work versions). I don’t know how to draw humans, or maybe it’s just that I don’t know how to draw anything but with humans it’s more noticeable. in either case I’m posting this as is and will probably scrap the idea for edits.

You can as always see the picture in a couple of other places:

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