Original characters¬† or OC for short is a fascinating subject. It has many definitions ranging from fan creations related only to specific works of fiction, all the way to completely original characters set in original settings. Discussion about original characters and my thoughts about it is something I’d love to explore later in a blog format, all that’s important right now is that I do have a couple of characters and they are frequently featured on my artworks, so I figured some extra info on them might be useful.


Amberly Dale

One of the two main characters of a Fallout fanfiction.

Ruth Delassandis

Second of the two main characters of a Fallout fanfiction.

Amber Linwood

Anthropomorphic animal character based on earlier pony version. Used mostly for fun pictures, so far pretty light on the story.

Cade Zandi
Amber Drop

The original Amber, a pony character created as an experiment to break the “all edge, no point” stereotype of pony OCs at the time.
Needless to say she evolved past that.