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General information
Pine marten
Male, he/him
29th November
Bisexual (with preference towards males)

A furry world that is very similar to our own, but, you know, animal people. This setting encompasses most of my anthropomorphic characters, unless stated otherwise.

  • The world is very similar to our own as far as politics and geography goes.
  • Probably most of the characters exist in a somewhat distorted equivalent of the USA, however other countries do exist and have distinct cultures and histories.
  • Most of the countries would have the majority of their societies consisting of members of indigenous fauna for that region.
  • All anthropomorphic people exist alongside their feral counterparts and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • There exists, to an extent, a notion of racial purity, mainly among the upper class. However,  such notions are considered obsolete and in some cases even harmful by the majority of general society. It is not an analogue to racism, but more of an issue of class and status.
  • There might be some remnants of an old, traditional, hierarchical structure in some societies which is an analogue to a predatory pyramid found in nature where top predators would have higher status than herbivores, the prey. It is however very rarely recognized in a modern society.
  • Some form of magic and mysticism exist in this world, but it’s not a well-known and used aspect of it. Very few people know about it, even fewer know how to use it and modern technology and science outpaced everything magic could have achieved in day-to-day usage. Such examples of magical intervention is usually brushed off as supernatural events and they are widely disregarded, aside from certain communities of conspiracy theorists. 
  • Modern day in this setting is dated back a couple of years to the real date to avoid interactions with actual events unfolding in our world. Actual date is very rarely used, anyways. It is safe to assume it’s “three years ago Today”.

A tall marten bartender working at a club together with Reina and Amber. He’s got a regular body type, slightly on the “fit” scale. He’s always wearing dreadlocks with silver and gold decorations in them, as well as tunnels in his ears. Outfit styles vary from sport-y to elegant.

Cade’s main interest is music. Writing, composing, and recording songs takes up a lot of his time alone. He also enjoys discussing psychological issues without anyone asking, trying complicated food recipes, and playing video games for hours. 

Character-wise, he’s a pretty laid-back person. Very open for interaction, likes to meet new people, although he can often be heard complaining loudly about the smallest inconveniences. He’s loyal, sometimes to the point of sacrificing his own mental health and time for others. He enjoys wholesome things and would probably like to play games closely related to Animal Crossing.

Cade’s greatest hobby is music and he’s been fascinated with it since he was a boy. He took extra music classes in high school and is now studying it at collage alongside psychology. His family never had enough money to purchase a real instrument, so he spent most of his free time hanging out in the backstage area at school. His main instrument of choice is an acoustic guitar and keyboard. A few years ago he started posting his music on YouTube and Instagram, gathering a small fanbase there. Eventually he started his own little band with a couple of friends, they practice together and give small concerts in various clubs from time to time. They aspire to play at a bigger stage one day, however that is a future not so easily available. Financially he’s been stuck moving from one pub to another, working either as a security guard or as a bartender.

His journey with sexuality started quite early, having friends supportive of non-heteronormative orientations he wasn’t afraid to explore this part of himself. Cade had a couple of girlfriends and boyfriends over the years, though his longest and most serious relationship was with a pretty abusive and toxic boyfriend. He was trying to force Cade to abandon his music ambitions, telling him what was right or wrong for him, deciding on most of his life’s chocies. Fortunately, this relationship eventually fell apart and Cade is currently technically a single, since then trying to stay away from serious relationships. Working with Amber and later with Reina they quickly became friends with occasional benefits, but he does not consider this arrangement a permanent situation and wants to eventually look for a romantic relationship. 


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