Bots are so funny

So one of the bad sides of me deciding to leave comments open on this site is the fact that I get a lot of spam. Well, 99% of all comments I get is spam. I did however set up moderation so that all posts need to be verified by myself. Basically I need to approve it being posted. Spam gets deleted, whatever it was spamming for is put on the blacklist and good comments get a reply.

But to let you know what’s going on behind the scenes, here’s a couple of comments I’ve gathered over a few days under a post with, amusingly enough, a fake cover for a n adults only magazine featuring one of my characters. Screenshot of the comments both leave

Of course everything went to trash and 12 new entries ended upon the blacklist, but knowing this here is just hilarious. I have no idea how this might ever work as a business model.

In other news, all comments under this post (after previous sanitization) will be approved so that if anyone ever stumbles into it could have fun reading bots trying to outsmart each other 😀

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