A new set

A new set - Screenshot

Amber can rarely afford pretty things like new jewelry, but she does like shiny things. The rare occasion when she buys herself something is a good opportunity to tease her girlfriend, especially if she knows Reina is busy at the time.

It’s been a while since I drew her, I keep promising that I’ll draw more but I keep being too tired and/or lazy to do it after work and other thing. It’s not the best of excuses, I know, but my creative juices are mostly focused on other things lately.

And here’s a bonus picture without the Messenger screen because I can 😀

A new set - Photo

As for Amber here, as you might have noticed she’s been growing out her hair for quite some time now and I was wondering what is your opinion on it? It is usually better to keep short hair in her line of work, but it’s more of a guide line than a rule and I’m open to any suggestions.

What should Amber do with her hair?

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